All of our properties are in Pattaya or nearby up and coming areas.

All of our recommended properties are set up to offer an outstanding lifestyle or in the case of investors to be  ‘hands free’. This means all the steps in purchasing, and operating the property are taken care of by professionals with virtually no input required from you, the investor or new home owner.


We always recommend the use of an independent lawyer when purchasing property abroad. The attorneys that we recommend have dealt with thousands of real estate transactions, and will complete title searches, as well as perform all due diligence. You are free to choose any attorney, we simply recommend the ones that we have dealt with in the past or know personally.

Property Management:

We will recommend property management companies that have years of experience. Many times the units we promote have on-site managers, if they do this will be disclosed to you. Generally speaking property managers charge 10% of the rent. Unless you live in the same city as the property you own, we highly recommend that you use the services of a property management company.


It is the buyers responsibility to purchase insurance. That being said, many property management companies will take the responsibility of paying for your insurance and will simply deduct this from your monthly or quarterly earnings.

Recommended Properties:

We are first and foremost searching for properties that offer high net yields, with a potential for large capital gains. We search for properties that are in great neighborhoods, with low unemployment, and a rising population.

Pattaya is fast becoming the most popular city in Thailand and we wish to grow with this city.